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What Is Dog Fright?

March 21, 2023
In addition to the obvious threats posed by a dog's teeth and claws, there is a lesser-known danger caused by dog fright. Cynophobia, or an overwhelming fear of dogs, is common in Arizona and around the world. In some cases, an individual’s fear of dogs can be enough to lead to serious injuries if...
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What Is a Non-Aggressive Dog Injury?

March 16, 2023
Dogs can cause serious injuries when they bite victims out of aggression, including deep lacerations and puncture wounds. Thousands of victims are sent to emergency rooms for injuries caused by aggressive and violent dog attacks every year. Many others, however, are injured in non-aggressive incidents involving dogs. These types of injuries can still entitle...
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How Weather Impacts Pedestrian Crashes

March 13, 2023
As a pedestrian in Arizona, your safety is constantly at risk. It is an unfortunate reality that you cannot trust motor vehicle drivers to respect or obey the state’s traffic laws. However, motor vehicle drivers are not always entirely to blame for pedestrian collisions in Arizona. In some cases, bad weather increases the risk...
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Data Analysis: The Most Harmful Event in Fatal Crashes

Unfortunately, fatal collisions occur every day across the United States.  Most commonly, fatal crashes occur when two or more vehicles collide.  But outside of other vehicles, what are drivers most likely to hit in fatal crashes? Poles? Trees? Curbs? Or something else? We examined 20 years of fatal crash data from the National Highway...
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Arizona Pedestrian Crash Statistics & Fast Facts – 2022

Pedestrian accidents are a constant risk in the State of Arizona. Even the most prudent pedestrian can get injured or killed by a reckless driver. If you get injured in a pedestrian accident, you have rights. You may be entitled to financial compensation from the motor vehicle driver’s insurance company. Learn more about pedestrian...
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