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Bankruptcy Lawyer – What We Charge

The bankruptcy process provides an effective way for many Arizona debtors to relieve the burden of overwhelming financial obligations that outpace their ability to maintain the payments and still provide for their ordinary household and family living expenses.  These financial challenges are often the direct consequence of unanticipated financial setbacks including serious illness, loss of employment or finances that spiral out of control.  Our Arizona bankruptcy law firm is committed to providing Arizona residents with an affordable way to reclaim their financial stability.  Bankruptcy can save you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars by wiping out existing debts for a very affordable fee.

While our law firm charges attorney’s fee for a bankruptcy, the fees are affordable and customized to fit the specifics of your situation.  Our experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys will have you complete a detailed financial questionnaire so that we can determine whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will provide the best option.  We will also evaluate any potential issues or complications so that we can customizes an approach that allows us to offer you the lowest possible cost for your bankruptcy.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Financial Solution for You?

Our Arizona bankruptcy law firm is also candid in advising our clients about whether a bankruptcy is a cost-effective solution based on the associated expense.  Sometimes those who visit us simply do not have enough dischargeable debt or a heavy enough debt load to make bankruptcy a cost-effective solution.  Since you must wait a substantial period after obtaining a bankruptcy discharge before being granted a subsequent discharge, it is important to be careful in timing your “one bite at the apple.”  We consider it an important part of our role as your bankruptcy legal advisors not just to advise you about filing a bankruptcy but also to advise you whether there are reasons that you should not file or that you should wait to file.

How Are Attorney Fees Calculated?

When we file for bankruptcy in Arizona on behalf of our clients, their savings are exponentially more than they pay in attorney’s fees saving them substantial sums.  Once we have an opportunity to evaluate your income, assets and debts to determine how best to file for bankruptcy on your behalf, we can give you a clear idea of both what your attorney’s fees will be as well as what you can expect to save through the bankruptcy process.

Our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys are committed to assisting our clients and doing everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible for our clients.  Our bankruptcy lawyers may be able to initiate a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing with little or no money down and establish an affordable payment plan to meet your needs.  We may even be able to set up affordable weekly or monthly payments for your bankruptcy legal fees.  We are creative in trying to develop reasonable payments you can afford so that we can facilitate getting you back on the road to financial recovery.

There are also filing fees that must be paid to the bankruptcy court when filing for bankruptcy protection.  The filing fees are paid to the bankruptcy trustee and the amount changes periodically.  At the time of publication of this page, the filing fees for a Chapter 7 was $299 while the filing fee for a Chapter 13 was $274.  The filing fees must be paid at the time of filing and cannot be paid via credit card because such debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Consult With a Skilled Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

Cost should almost never be a key obstacle to seeking bankruptcy relief because of the flexible terms and affordable rates that we offer. The Arizona bankruptcy attorneys of Stone Rose Law are prepared to evaluate your case so that we can provide a quote to cover the cost of your specific case.  We invite you to reach out today at 480-498-8998 so that we can discuss your situation and help you start over.