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Arizona Military Records Correction Attorney

A servicemember’s military records are not just pieces of paper – they are an integral part of his or her identity. In addition, these records are vital to receiving benefits, entitlements, or other perks to being a veteran.

Unfortunately, the federal government and the Department of Defense are terrible with paperwork and following their own rules and regulations. This results in veterans and even active servicemembers suffering from incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate information weighing down their records.

The dedicated Arizona military records correction attorneys at Stone Rose Law are well-versed in the rules and regulations that govern military records and are ready to fight for your rights! Stationed at Luke AFB, Fort Huachuca, Yuma Proving Grounds, or Davis-Monthan AFB? We can help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation by calling our law firm at (480) 498-8998.

What’s in a Military Record?

Each branch of service has a Board for the Correction of Military Records. While each may have a slightly different name, they all functionally do the same thing: they correct errors in military records. And boy, there sure are a LOT of errors that occur. These errors can range from relatively minor (a minor award being left off a DD-214) to huge (improper discharge characterizations, retirement pay, etc.). No matter the size of an error, the Arizona military law attorneys at Stone Rose Law can help get it corrected.

Common Military Record Issues

The most common military record issues our Arizona military records correction lawyers have seen include:

  • Adding awards
  • Backpay and bonuses
  • Medical retirement
  • Discharge errors
  • Reprimand errors
  • Fitness Report errors
  • Education credits
  • Retirement Points
  • Dates of Service
  • Medical Board Errors
  • Promotion/Selection errors
  • Line of Duty Determination
  • Discharge Upgrade
  • And many more.

Powers of the Board for the Correction of Military Records

The Army and Air Force BCMRs, and the Board for Correction of Naval Records, are authorized to change your military personnel records in many ways. Some examples of what the BCMR can do:

  • Review appeals and change the decision of a DRB regarding a discharge;
  • Review and change discharges, including Bad Conduct, Discharges or Dishonorable Discharges and/or Dismissals, resulting from General Courts-martial;
  • Change narrative reason for separation;
  • Change discharges to/from medical/disability retirement, enabling a VA pension;
  • Medically retire a veteran and correct medical board errors;
  • Change re-enlistment (RE) codes;
  • Eliminate disciplinary actions (fines, reductions in rank, etc.);
  • Remove titling actions;
  • Remove bad performance evaluations, fitness reports, counseling entries, etc.;
  • Re-instate service member; and
  • Make other changes to personnel records, including:
    • Correct DD214; appeal denials of promotion/selections for advancement; add awards/certificates; fix errors with dates of service; update retirement points/creditable service years, and update education credits.

*The BCMR cannot overturn, pardon, or otherwise eliminate a courts-martial conviction.

Who Is Eligible To Apply for Records Correction?

Active duty servicemembers and former members of the regular Army, Navy, Air Force, Army, Navy, Air Force Reserve, and Army and Air National Guard are eligible to apply. If the former member is deceased or incompetent, the surviving spouse, next of kin, or a legal representative may apply.

If you have received a sentence from a court-martial and are not eligible to apply to the DRB, applying for an upgrade through the BCMR is your only option. Speak with a knowledgeable Arizona military records correction lawyer at Stone Rose Law to learn more.

Why Correct Military Records?

First, your records should accurately reflect your service. If an award or qualification is missing from your DD-214, it should be added so that your military record accurately reflects your service. More important, however, are those errors that fundamentally impact a servicemember’s rights and benefits. Simply miscalculating retirement points (a very common issue) can result in members losing out on tens of thousands of dollars that they are lawfully entitled to receive!

How Long Do You Have To Apply to the BCMR?

You must apply to the BCMR within three years of the date of your discharge, a negative DRB decision, or discovery of the error or injustice in your records. However, your application may still be accepted and reviewed after the three-year limit if you can show “good cause” regarding why you missed the deadline and that it is in the “interests of justice” for the BCMR to accept and review your application.

If you have missed the deadline, an experienced Arizona military records correction attorney can help you overcome this restriction to have the board hear your case. Additionally, suppose the DRB is unwilling to review your case regarding a discharge due to its time restriction. In that case, our firm can work to complete your application for relief to the BCMR.

Whether you fall under the Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR), the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR), the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR), the Coast Guard Board for Correction of Naval Records (CGBCNR), or the Public Health Service Commission Corps Board for Correction of Military Records (PHSCCBCMR), we can assist!

Schedule a Free Consultation With an Arizona Military Records Correction Lawyer

The dedicated military records correction attorneys at Stone Rose Law are ready to comb through your records and military regulations to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to – contact us online today for a free consultation by calling our law firm at (480) 498-8998.