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VA Cost of Living Adjustment

Monthly Disability Compensation Rates and Inflation

The rates for monthly disability compensation are authorized by Congress and listed in Title 38 of the United States Code. The monthly compensation rates are identical for veterans who were disabled in wartime or peacetime.

Another important thing to keep in mind is disability rates are not the same from year to year. Every year Congress authorizes percentage adjustments that mirror adjustments to Social Security Compensation. When inflation is stable or negative compensation remains the same, VA benefits are not subject to negative adjustments. Congress authorizes increases during inflationary periods to help beneficiaries manage increased costs.

After the Social Security Administration finalizes an annual cost-of-living increase, they make an official announcement. The VA is then required to increase their disability compensation rates by the same percentage and publish the updated monthly rate, by disability percentage, in the federal register. The VA publishes these new rates in the middle of December.

2023 Rates

Increases are tied to the consumer price index. The Social Security Administration calculates increases in the consumer price index from the third quarter of the previous year to the third quarter of the current year. The Social Security Administration announces the increase in October with an effective date of December 1.  Last year the cost-of-living adjustment was 8.7%. Below are the current monthly rates for disability compensation.

Disability Percentage Monthly Compensation
10 $165.92
20 $327.99
30 $508.05
40 $731.86
50 $1,041.82
60 $1,319.65
70 $1,663.06
80 $1,933.15
90 $2,172.39
100 $3,621.95

2024 Increase

On October 12, 2022 the Social Security Administration announced the 2024 cost-of-living increase. Next year’s adjustment is 3.2% and will become effective on December 1, 2023. Below are the expected 2024 monthly rates for individual disability compensation. Unless there are further revisions these should be accurate. Please contact Stone Rose Law if there are any questions about rates, additional compensation tied to dependents, or the clothing allowance.

Disability Percentage Monthly Compensation
10 $171.23
20 $338.49
30 $524.31
40 $755.28
50 $1,075.16
60 $1,361.88
70 $1,716.28
80 $1,995.01
90 $2,241.91
100 $3,737.85

Who is Stone Rose Law?

Stone Rose Law is the largest military and veteran’s disability benefits law firm in the state of Arizona – although we are proud to represent clients all over the world. Led by experienced trial attorneys and military veterans, our firm has the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to obtain the benefits our country’s heroes have earned. One of these benefits is whole life insurance. If you have any questions related to either the life insurance program, or service-connected disabilities, contact us at 480-498-8998 and experience the difference Stone Rose Law can make.