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VA Disability Benefit Rates

If you are a veteran who has been injured or disabled, you may be familiar with VA Disability payments. Disability payments are calculated based on the determinations made by the VA about your particular injuries, rated on a scale from 0-100 percent, in 10 percent increments. The VA bases their decision on your military records, but also on what you submit as part of your claim. As a result, many veterans are not receiving the proper amount of benefits because they didn’t realize that sending in more evidence would equal more money coming to them. The Expert Arizona VA Disability Benefits Attorneys at the Stone Rose Law Firm know what to submit to maximize your disability benefits. The lawyers at Stone Rose Law even know how to file additional evidence to adjust your disability benefits, resulting in backpay. Check out our 2023 VA disability calculator here.

How Does the VA Calculate Benefit Rates?

It is important to remember that that VA does not simply add the values of your disabilities together and determine a final value. While a veteran with one disability rated at 100 will receive a 100 percent disability rating, a veteran with two disabilities rated at 50 percent is not automatically considered to be 100 percent disabled. Contact one of the Arizona military law attorneys at the Stone Rose Law Firm for assistance in determining your disability rate.

It is important to remember that any disability or injury must be service connected, or secondary service connected, in order to qualify for disability benefits. Service-connected is when the medical condition was caused or aggravated directly by military service. Secondary service connected is when a condition or disability is the result of a disability that is already considered service-connected. Showing a secondary service-connected disability will require you to establish a relationship between the two disabilities that the VA considers to be a clear connection.

Speak to an Experienced VA Disability Lawyer Today

The VA Disability Lawyers at Stone Rose Law are experts in handling service-connected and secondary service-connected disabilities. Contact one of our attorneys today to get help with your VA disability claim. Our expert VA Disability Attorneys can help you calculate your disability percentage, and determine if you are being paid appropriately for your injuries.

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