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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) VA Attorney

Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is a disability where damage has been caused to the brain. This damage can come in many forms, such as a concussion, a strike to the head, or even an object penetrating the brain. According to research from the VA, approximately half a million veterans suffer from TBI. For many veterans, TBI comes from a handful of different sources – vehicle collisions, exposure to explosions, combat, physical attacks, and falls. If you experienced any of these during your military service, contact an expert VA Disability Lawyer at Stone Rose Law to get started on your claim today.

What Conditions can be Related to a TBI?

Within the last decade, the VA has created disease presumptions for TBI. If you suffer from dementia, Parkinsons’, unexplained seizures, or depression, and you suffered a TBI during service, the disease will be presumed connected to your TBI, and you will be eligible for VA disability benefits. How much those benefits are will be determined by a number of different factors that your VA Disability Attorney from Stone Rose Law will be familiar with.

How Does the VA Evaluate a TBI?

The VA rates a veteran’s TBI on a scale from zero to three, with one level higher than three, referred to as “total.” The rating of your TBI will determine what percentage of disability benefits you qualify for, from zero to 100%. To rate a TBI on a scale from zero to total, the VA has created a number of different categories. The VA will rate the severity of a veteran’s symptoms in these categories and arrive at a TBI rating. The expert VA Disability Lawyers at Stone Rose Law are familiar with the process and can help if you feel your rating was made improperly or if you haven’t been rated yet. Our military and veterans’ law attorneys are experts in the area of TBI, and we have experience working with the VA to obtain the best possible benefits for our clients.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

The categories the VA will rate your TBI on include your social skills, your ability to drive a vehicle, your perception of time, communication abilities, and the ability to remember and pay attention to details. This list doesn’t include everything the VA will look at. Still, the experienced lawyers at Stone Rose Law know what the VA looks for and possess the know-how to get you the largest benefit payment possible.

Contact Stone Rose Law today to get started on your TBI claim.