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Texas Veteran Affairs (VA) Disability Benefits Lawyer

If you are a military veteran with an injury, illness or mental health condition connected to your time in service that impacts your daily life, you most likely qualify for financial assistance through Veteran Affairs (VA) disability benefits. More than 5.2 million veterans currently receive benefits from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Yet many of these vets had to fight for financial compensation against adversity, such as unfair dealings by the VA and wrongful claim rejections. Our veterans law firm is committed to providing the high-quality, diligent representation and advice that you deserve.

For assistance filing your Veteran Affairs disability benefits claim in Texas, contact a lawyer at Stone Rose Law. We can help you file a claim, appeal a claim denial, request an increase of your benefits, and more. Call (480) 498-8998 today for a free consultation.

Are You Eligible for Disability Benefits as an Injured Veteran in Texas?

If you suffered an injury, illness, or other medical condition that was caused by your active military service, or if you had an existing injury that was worsened by your service, you are eligible to receive VA disability benefits. Common examples include tinnitus, hearing loss, lost range of motion, back injuries, chronic pain and mental health disorders. VA disability benefits can help you and your family pay for costs such as healthcare and lost wages. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. You have a current condition that affects your body or mind.
  2. You served on active duty or active/inactive duty training.
  3. Your condition occurred or worsened while serving in the military.

Even if you did not notice symptoms of an injury or illness until after your active-duty service, you may be eligible for benefits. If you did not experience post-traumatic stress disorder until your return to civilian life, for example, you can still file a post-service disability claim. The amount you are eligible to receive will depend on the extent of your disability. Monthly pay rates in 2022 range from $152.64 to $3,332.06 (or higher for a veteran with dependents). A disability attorney at Stone Rose Law will fight to secure the compensation you deserve or guide you through the appeals process. Check out our VA disability calculator here.

Applying for Veteran Affairs Disability Benefits in Texas

Filing a claim to VA disability benefits is a relatively straightforward process. You or an attorney must submit VA Form 21-526EZ to the VA benefits administration office closest to you, either in person, online or via mail. This form will ask for basic information about your situation. You can submit it with or without initial supporting evidence. 

The VA will review your application and notify you of its decision after a reasonable time to investigate. It may request more information, documentation or a disability evaluation from you during its investigation. Unfortunately, the VA has a long history of making it harder than necessary for disabled veterans to get the monthly compensation they need. Wrongful rejections, devalued claims and delayed investigations are common. Our Texas VA disability attorney is prepared to build a strong case to secure the benefits you’re entitled to.

What to Do if Your VA Disability Benefits Application Gets Denied

If you filed a VA disability benefits claim in Texas only to have it denied, don’t worry – you have a chance to appeal the decision as long as you act within one year of being rejected. Appealing a rejected claim takes submitting a VA form known as a Notice of Disagreement Form or Statement in Support of Claim Form. The document must state that you do not agree with the VA’s decision on your disability benefits claim and that you wish to make an appeal. You do not have to list the reasons why you do not agree, but if you do, be sure to state that these are not all of your reasons for appealing the decision.

For a successful VA disability benefits appeal, you or your lawyer in Texas must prove two things: that you have a current diagnosis of a disabling injury or illness, and that this condition resulted from a specific event or environment that existed during your time in the military. Proving these elements during an appeal often requires official records and documentation supporting both parts of the claim. A national VA disability benefits lawyer can help you prove a disabling condition and service connection using copies of your medical records, letters from your doctor, qualified medical experts, and more.

How an Attorney in Texas Can Help

Gathering and submitting compelling evidence to appeal the VA’s decision on your disability benefits claim can be difficult on your own. Hiring an attorney, on the other hand, can make the legal process easier, more effective and more rewarding. An experienced VA disability benefits lawyer in Texas will know what the Department of Veteran Affairs is looking for and how to reduce the odds of your initial application being rejected. This can save you time, money and stress. If you’ve already applied for benefits and been denied, a lawyer can help you make a strong appeal for the best chances of obtaining the disability benefits that you deserve. We have considerable experience with veterans disability claims and work diligently to secure a favorable outcome in your unique case.

Veterans Disability Benefits Resources in Texas

Texas is home to more veterans (about 1.5 million) than any other state in the U.S., besides California. There are many resources and help centers available for military veterans living in Texas. The following is basic information about resources that could help you obtain VA disability benefits.

Veterans Benefits Administration Offices – Locations in Texas

Houston Regional Office

6900 Almeda Road
Houston, TX 77030
(800) 827-1000

Waco Regional Office

701 Clay Avenue
Waco, Texas 76799
(800) 827-1000

Texas Health Care Systems for Veterans

List of Texas VA Hospital and Medical Centers

 Dallas VA Medical Center

4500 South Lancaster Rd.
Dallas, TX 75216
(214) 742-8387

 Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (Houston)

2002 Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030
(713) 791-1414

 Olin E. Teague VA Center

1901 Veterans Memorial Dr.
Temple, TX 76504
(254) 778-4811

Click here for a full list of VA offices, health care centers and benefits administration centers in Texas.

Contact Stone Rose Law Today for a Free VA Disability Benefits Case Review

If you are a military veteran living in Texas who wishes to secure financial benefits for a long-term injury, illness or mental health condition connected to your time serving your country, contact Stone Rose Law for assistance filing a VA disability benefits claim. Our veterans benefits attorneys have years of experience advocating for servicemembers, including helping them with both initial benefits claims as well as appeals of denials. Find out how our disability lawyer can help you today. Request a free case review in Texas online or by calling (480) 498-8998. We are available 24/7.