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"When dealing with the VA, as veterans, we often expect that just telling them the truth is sufficient for them to recognize the struggles we have after life in the military."
This simply isn't true. You need an advocate when dealing with the VA and Derek Debus is your man. I truly appreciate the hard work and dedication Derek displayed while handling my case.
Ritchie H.
"I attended Law School with Derek after our military service had ended."
His knowledge of the VA and government system is second to none. He outlined every step, up front, and gave appropriate estimates on the timeline to achieve our goal of a 100% disability rating from VA. If he felt it was taking longer than it should, he was on the phone, making calls, and getting answers. I have referred countless fellow vets to his office, to include vets I've just met. That is how confident I am in his abilities to take care of our brothers and sisters in arms.
Joshua A.
"So if your reading this then your probably in a place that most of us military folks do not want to be."
I will say this Derek Debus single handily protected my 16+ year career and for that I will forever thank him and his team at Stone Rose Law. Also If your reading this then your looking in the right place, those people went above and beyond to make sure I didn't become a casualty of the machine. The military won't tell you a damn thing about what your going to be doing until it's to late! DO NOT WAIT, DO NOT MAKE A STATEMENT, DO NOT SIT AND TRUST ANYONE ABOVE ALL DO NOT SIGN A DAMN THING! It is YOUR career do yourself a huge favor and call them now. I will finish out my career and my family will continue to live our lives as nothing happened because of the team of dedicated people from this firm. I have passed his card to the East Coast and the West Coast. Money well spent best return on my investment to date. I will always go to this team. Stone Rose thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my family.
Robert W.
"My name is John Luu and I served 8 years for the United States Air Force. During my service I accumulated many injuries and was exposed to several dramatic events which lead me to the mental health clinic."
6 months ago I separated from the USAF and I was under a lot of stressed and pressure. At the time of my transition to civilian life, I faced many challenges including applying for VA disability. Most veterans can I agree with me that claiming VA disability is absolutely terrifying! After my initial examinations, my claim was 30%... until I talked to Jake. Jake went above and beyond to make sure I was getting ounce of benefits I was entitled to, most importantly he listened and cared. Jake is not just your typical lawyer, he genuinely care for service members like you and I. I could tell from the gecko that he was very passionate, professional and personal. Jake is extremely persistent and knowledgeable in this field. He was able to get me from 30% to 100% permanent in less than 5 weeks. I can't not thank him enough to let him know how appreciative I am. If you're looking for a lawyer to handle your VA case, look no further. Jake is the man! Thank you Jake
John Luu
"Really nice a great group of people at this law firm."
My lawyer Derek has really been doing great stuff for me on my VA disability and hasn't shied out of anything. Definitely would recommend 100/10 because that's how great these people are.
William C.
“If I’m honest I was a bit skeptical with partnering with Stone Rose law at first hearing the potential outcomes they expressed not sure if I should get my hopes up, but one thing I can say for sure is that they mean business."
They didn’t just talk a good game, but they backed it up with their actions, and by actions I mean always reaching out to communicate in a timely manner every step of the way of my claim process with any progression that was had. Being available and having a great response time when I needed clarity on things making the impression that they will really be diligent in the fight with my claim. When I started with them, I had already been fighting a loosing battle to the VA for two years until after only a short time of being with them, there work helped me gain 50% service connection with even more pending progress. The team of Jake and Derek submitted my claim with a strategic approach that resulted in a quick turn around of service connection in weeks that I would have no way of been able to do on my own. Very grateful for the work they have done and continue to do with a perfect blend of professionalism and passion.
Courtney H.
"They are very responsive with my calls, made sure I was informed with state laws."
Stone Rose Law is a very helpful firm. Always kept in the loop with my fiancé case. They are very responsive with my calls, made sure I was informed with state laws. I will highly recommend Colby and Jake, very grateful for helping me and my fiancé.
Miriam Avelar Bravo
"I can’t say enough on how happy I was with the services provided by Stone Rose Law."
"I can’t say enough on how happy I was with the services provided by Stone Rose Law. They did all the work and I felt like I never had anything to worry about. I had help the whole way and was well informed on every possible outcome. Definitely put my mind at ease. If I could give them more than 5 stars then I would! Can’t thank them enough for all the incredible work that they did, and especially that of Jake Lee!"
Robert Vasquez
"They provided outstanding legal services to me in a time of great need and went above and beyond"
"Derek and Stone Rose Law are the definition of top tier legal representation. They provided outstanding legal services to me in a time of great need and went above and beyond time and time again in representing me. The team at Stone Rose Law, and Derek Debus specifically, acted as the most professional and outstanding representation I have ever had. More than that, they made me feel like family, and represented me as such. I would use Stone Rose Law for any and all legal needs based on my experience with Derek and his team."
Ryan Ballis
"They are empathetic, understanding and most importantly very knowledgeable."
"Very professional group of people working here. They are empathetic, understanding and most importantly very knowledgeable. They were a tremendous asset! No doubt would highly recommend."
Fletcher Brown