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Nevada VA Disability Benefits Attorney

Nevada has a number of programs and benefits that make it one of the most veteran friendly states to live in.

  • Nevada offers property tax exemptions for veterans who have a service-connected disability rating of at least 60%.
  • Nevada offers education benefits for veterans and their families.
  • Nevada has a veteran-owned small business program that provides preferential treatment in the procurement process for state contracts to businesses that are owned and operated by veterans.
  • Nevada offers a veteran specialty license plate for veterans that includes the word “Veteran” and a representation of the American flag.
  • Nevada offers veterans who are eligible preferential treatment on their State employment application, giving them an advantage over other candidates.

Even with all of the benefits provided by Nevada, many veterans find themselves with injuries, impairments, and disabilities related to their time in service. The Department of Veterans Affairs can provide monthly compensation to veterans for service-connected disabilities. Our Nevada VA benefits attorneys know that in reality, this process can be challenging. Many veterans find themselves bring wrongfully denied benefits, under-rated for their disabilities, or otherwise stuck in limbo waiting for the VA to fulfill their promise of caring for veterans. If you are a veteran who has been wrongfully denied benefits, Stone Rose Law can help. Call our Nevada VA disability benefits lawyers at (480) 498-8998 today. You can also visit our VA disability calculator here to see how much your conditions could be worth.

List of VA Hospitals and Medical Centers in Nevada

North Las Vegas VA Medical Center

6900 North Pecos Road

North Las Vegas, NV 89086-4400

Main phone: 702-791-9000

Mental health care: 702-791-9062

Ioannis A. Lougaris Veterans’ Administration Medical Center

975 Kirman Avenue

Reno, NV 89502-0993

Main phone: 775-786-7200

Mental health care: 775-326-2920

Common Disabilities Eligible for VA Compensation

An honorably discharged veteran with disabilities stemming from their service is eligible for VA compensation. Common disabilities include:

  • Disabilities related to Agent Orange exposure.
  • Disabilities related to Burn Pit exposure under the PACT Act.
  • Tinnitus
  • Muscular and skeletal problems such as back, knee, or foot pain.
  • Headaches
  • Depression/PTSD
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Any many more

Other eligible areas for compensation include things like Special Monthly Compensation for conditions like erectile dysfunction or female sexual arousal disorder. Most people also don’t know that as their service-connected conditions worsen, they are eligible for additional compensation! Learn whether or not you are eligible for VA compensation by speaking with a Nevada VA Benefits lawyer at Stone Rose Law.

Where VA Claims Go Wrong

VA claims for disability compensation can easily be denied for a number of reasons but it is often due to a mistake on behalf of the VA. Raters commonly overlook exam reports, miss rate conditions, or even fail to properly consider their own favorable medical opinions. Claims can also be overlooked, deferred, or ignored and allowed to sit in limbo for years. Oftentimes, once a denial is finalized the VA will fight if the veteran attempts to appeal their denial. Because of this, it is important to retain the services of a qualified Nevada VA benefits lawyer as soon as your claim get wrongfully denied.

What To Do After a VA Benefits Claim Denial in Nevada

If you have been denied disability compensation or feel as if your rating is too low, there are plenty of options! The experienced and dedicated Nevada VA benefits attorneys at Stone Rose Law are ready to fight on your behalf and get the disability compensation you deserve! Our lawyers are accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs and admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and represent clients anywhere in the world.

Do I Need an Nevada VA Benefits Lawyer? What Will This Cost Me?

At Stone Rose Law, our primary objective is to obtain good results for our clients. If you have never filed for VA disability compensation, our VA disability benefits lawyers will assist you in preparing your claim for free. We will monitor your claim status and consult with you prior to any disability examinations for free. If you receive any denials, we will pursue any necessary appeals, usually on a contingent 20% fee of any backpay owed by the VA. On a contingency fee, pay us nothing unless we win!

If you are seeking an increase in VA benefits, we will conduct a comprehensive and thorough review of your records and help with your claim for free. If, during our review, we identify any errors or erroneous denials, we will pursue any necessary appeals generally on a contingent 20% fee of any backpay owed by the VA. On a contingency fee, pay us nothing unless we win!

If you have been denied VA benefits, we will conduct a detailed review of your records for free. Our Nevada VA benefits attorneys will pursue any necessary appeals generally on a contingent 20% fee of any backpay owed by the VA. On a contingency fee, pay us nothing unless we win!

The best part? The 20% contingency fee gets paid directly to us by the VA out of your past-due benefits – and it does not apply to future monthly benefits. Stone Rose Law is ready to provide elite representation for veterans.


Speak to a Veteran Affairs Disability Benefits Lawyer in Nevada for Free | Call (480) 498-8998

Veterans in Nevada deserve their fair share of financial compensation for disabilities related to injuries sustained while serving their country. At Stone Rose Law, our legal team is committed to helping military servicemembers in any way that we can. We can assist you with Nevada VA disability benefits claim or appeal to collect the benefits that you deserve. Discuss your case today at no charge by contacting us online or calling (480) 498-8998.