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Arizona Court-Martial Defense Attorney

Are you facing court-martial? Retaining qualified, experienced, and aggressive representation early on is vital to maximizing your chances of success. An experienced Arizona court martial defense attorney at Stone Rose Law will work tirelessly to protect your freedom, your career, and your good name from being tarnished by a court-martial conviction. If you’re facing court-martial and are stationed at Yuma Proving Grounds, Luke AFB, Fort Huachuca, or Davis-Monthan AFB, don’t wait to start your case. Contact a court-marital defense lawyer at Stone Rose Law for a FREE consultation. Call our law office at (480) 498-8998 today.

What Forms of Arizona Court-Martial Does Stone Rose Law Address?

There are three types of courts-martial according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ):

  1. General Court-Martial
  2. Special Court-Martial
  3. Summary Court-Martial

General Court-Martial

A general court-martial is reserved for the most serious cases and the most egregious violations of military law. Conviction after general court-martial can result in almost any punishment imaginable – everything from a dishonorable discharge to the death penalty. Before a general court-martial may be convened, a preliminary investigation hearing must occur in accordance with Article 32 of the UCMJ. Depending on the punishment sought, there must be between 5 and 12 military jurors (referred to as “court members”). If the accused is enlisted, they are entitled to have at least 1/3rd of the members be enlisted personnel. If you have further questions about general court-martial, consult an Arizona military law attorney experienced in court-martial defense.

Special Court-Martial

A special court-martial is for crimes that are too serious for a summary court-martial (or summary court-martial is refused) yet not serious enough for a general court-martial. There must be a minimum of 3 members of the court (i.e. the jury). If the accused is enlisted, 1/3rd of them must also be enlisted. The sentences imposed at special court-martial are limited to:

  • One-year confinement
  • Forfeiture of 2/3rd pay per month for 12 months
  • Bad conduct discharge (for enlisted)

Special note: Commissioned Officers may not be confined or dismissed from the service after a special court-martial. Learn more about special court-martial by speaking with a knowledgeable Arizona court-martial defense attorney at Stone Rose Law.

Summary Court-Martial

A summary court-martial is for low-level offenses. It is heard before any commissioned officer who does not need to be a judge or a lawyer. Indeed, the officer is generally one from the same command as the accused. The punishment at summary court is considerably less than a special or general court-martial. These punishments include:

  • 30 days confinement if the accused in E4 or below
  • 45 days of hard labor
  • 60 days restricted liberty
  • Forfeiture of 2/3rds pay for one month
  • Reduction of one pay grade (if E5 or higher)
  • Reduction to E1 (if E4 or below)

If you’re facing a summary court-martial, protect your freedom by speaking with a qualified Arizona court-martial defense attorney as soon as possible.

Schedule a Free Consultation With an Arizona Court-Martial Defense Lawyer

Learning that your command is convening a court-martial is a stressful and confusing time for service members. It is imperative to secure aggressive, competent representation at the earliest possible opportunity. The Arizona court-martial and non-judicial punishment defense lawyers at Stone Rose Law are prepared to assist you. Contact our law firm at (480) 498-8998 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today.