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Chandler Bankruptcy Attorneys

Using Bankruptcy to Shelter Your Assets and Provide for Your Financial Future

When a person is buried in debt and facing the prospects of losing their family home, our Chandler bankruptcy lawyers understand that the emotions that one experiences include frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger. Sometimes people cannot help but feel cornered with no way out of their financial crisis. For most people, their income level is relatively fixed so when they struggle to meet their monthly expenses, they can borrow and live on credit but eventually will hit a wall where they can no longer increase their income or obtain additional credit or borrowed funds. By the point that most families reach this stage, they have increased their financial pressure because they now have more credit, interest obligations and late fees.

We know how hopeless you may feel as you sink deeper and deeper in debt. Despite the harassing creditors, lawsuit judgments and threat of bank levies and wage garnishments, the experienced Chandler bankruptcy attorneys at the Chandler law firm may be able to help you reclaim control of your finances. We provide competent counsel and effective bankruptcy representation to the residents of Chandler and the surrounding areas in Arizona. Whether you are facing mounting credit card balances that you cannot pay, impending foreclosure proceedings or debilitating debt enforcement actions like wage assignments and bank levies, our experienced Chandler bankruptcy attorneys may be able to make it stop almost immediately so that you can get your financial life back on course.

How We Help By Using the Bankruptcy Code

We have had clients that were facing the immediate foreclosure sales of their home, wage garnishment or a bank levy and have taken action to stop it even at the 12th hour. While we cannot guarantee this result, our law firm will use all the power of the Bankruptcy Code to protect your assets and your income. We often can file an emergency bankruptcy to stop repossession of your vehicle, a scheduled foreclosure sale of your family home or a pending levy against your bank account. Our Chandler bankruptcy law firm has used this process to obtain emergency relief in a matter of hours from the time we have been contacted by a client. While this tactic may not be appropriate in every case, the point is that it illustrates the power of bankruptcy protection. As soon as the emergency petition is filed and the creditors are notified of the bankruptcy, the automatic stay becomes effective and virtually ALL creditor collection and enforcement actions must immediately cease.

We have helped debtors in Chandler facing a wide array of financial hardships including:

  • Assignment of their wages (garnishments)
  • Judgement from creditor lawsuits
  • Efforts to seize assets
  • Bank levies
  • Real estate liens
  • Unfair collection efforts including harassing phone calls and threatening letters
  • Foreclosure of a family’s home

Innovative Debt Relief Strategies for Chandler Residents

The experienced Chandler bankruptcy lawyers at Stone Rose Law offer more than our services in filing bankruptcies. We provide innovative solutions to our client’s financial challenges and problems. We understand that a bankruptcy does not occur in a vacuum and will carefully analyze your entire situation to provide the most effective debt relief solution for your particular financial crisis. Our goal is developed comprehensive financial solutions for our clients that use the bankruptcy process to eliminate burdensome debt or to protect critical assets. If you are struggling financially, you are in good company. We have been inundated by people in Chandler and throughout Arizona they have come to us seeking bankruptcy relief. Some of the most common reasons that people in Chandler are facing bankruptcy include:

  • Downturn in High Technology Industries: Layoffs and downsizing have hurt many because high technology including semi-conductors, wholesale electronic and aerospace technology are vital to the local economy.
  • Home Mortgage Meltdown: Many people refinanced during the housing boom and are now buried in a home with high payments and negative equity.
  • Treading Water: We talk to many people in Chandler who sink in debt because they are merely treading water and accumulating more debt without really make progress digging themselves out of financial hardship.
  • Debilitating Injury or Illness: Sadly, tragic accidents and serious medical conditions often rob a family of their breadwinner creating extreme financial hardship.

Creating Personalized Financial Solutions That Work

Our Chandler bankruptcy law firm at Stone Rose Law provides personalized financial solutions to meet your individual needs and financial obstacles. We understand that no two situations are exactly alike and that effective legal representation of those facing financial challenges requires innovative and well-crafted financial planning solutions which may include a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Chandler. We do not cycle bankruptcies through like a “bankruptcy mill”, we take the time to understand your greatest concerns, goals and obstacles so that we can develop a plan that meets your specific challenges.

If you find yourself in dire financial straits, the Chandler bankruptcy attorneys on our team are ready to help you chart a course towards a brighter future. Call us at 480-498-8998 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.