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Daniel de Julio

Attorney at Law

Danny is the Bankruptcy Division Chief at Stone Rose Law. Danny has helped hundreds of Arizonans shed the shackles of debt and start new financial lives. He enjoys a familiar and friendly relationship with all U.S. Trustees – the government officials in charge of managing the bankruptcy process. In addition to practicing bankruptcy law, Danny also practices tax resolution/settlement law, debt negotiation, probate law, business-to-business litigation, personal injury, and any other area that requires filing a lawsuit in the State of Arizona.

What sets Danny apart from other attorneys is his effective approach to litigation and his wide-ranging experiences. Additionally, Danny can uniquely connect with his clients and opposing parties. In addition to practicing as a bankruptcy attorney and civil litigation attorney, Danny has represented dozens of families in divorce court, settled thousands of dollars of IRS debt for both individuals and businesses, clerked for the Honorable Jacki Ireland, represented banks in complicated litigation, and represented physicians and contractors before their respective governing boards. Danny’s wide-ranging experience and ability to connect with his clients give Stone Rose Law an advantage that no other firm can match.

Danny graduated from California State University Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree and earned his law degree from the best law school in the state – the Arizona State University Sandra Day O Connor School of Law. In his personal life, Danny enjoys visiting his relatives in Lake Havasu, watching standup comedy, golfing, playing guitar and drums, and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

  • State Bar of Arizona