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Stone Rose Law: We fight for your Second Amendment rights

Have you been denied a firearms purchase? Has the ATF sent you a letter accusing you of possessing a firearms device or accessory? Are you an FFL that received a negative inspection or a notice of intent to revoke or suspend your license? Do you have questions about NFA items like short-barreled rifles or suppressors?

You’ve come to the right firm!

Here at Stone Rose Law, our firearms practice focuses directly on the needs of gun owners and gun shop owners.

Our practice areas include:

For Gun Owners

For gun owner we offer the following services:

NICS Denial/Gun Purchase Denial Appeals

Have you been denied a firearms purchase after a NICS background check?

Unfortunately, many Americans are wrongfully denied a firearms purchase due to inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated information in their background.

The team at Stone Rose Law has the experience necessary to investigate and resolve the lion’s share of issues that erroneously prevent law abiding citizens from exercising their rights.

Restoration of Gun Rights

Have you made a mistake and paid your debt to society?

Now is the perfect time to seek to get your firearms rights restored – and the expert attorneys at Stone Rose Law are knowledgeable about the different avenues for rights restoration and can assist you in getting your rights back!

Gun Trusts

Owning NFA items as an “individual” is highly discouraged, yet the internet is chock-full of auto-filled, cookie-cutter gun trusts.

Don’t trust your freedom and property to a discount gun trust, sit down with one of the licensed Stone Rose Law attorneys who love firearms and NFA items as much as you do and get a tailor-made gun trust that not only protects you and your family, but also ensures that your NFA items will be able to be enjoyed for years to come!

ATF Compliance Issues

The ATF loves to change its mind about what they deign legal and not legal. Recent examples are accessories like bump stocks, pistol braces, and forced reset triggers.

If you have received a letter from the ATF accusing you of possessing these items, do not hesitate and call an expert firearms lawyer at Stone Rose Law today to help resolve these issues.

Our expert gun lawyers have the expertise, experience, and connections to resolve these issues quickly and quietly.

NFA Form Consultation and Advice

Looking to purchase or manufacture your own NFA item but aren’t sure where to start on the paperwork?

Call the team at Stone Rose Law today and we will be happy to set you up with a comprehensive appointment to discuss everything you need to know prior to making or purchasing an NFA item.

For Gun Shop Owners (FFLs)

For gun shop owners – i.e., licensed FFLs – we offer the following services:

Entity Formation

Are you interested in starting a business selling firearms but don’t know where to begin?

The first step is forming a business entity to protect yourself and your personal assets.

The team at Stone Rose Law is exceptionally positioned to review your situation and goals, advise on a business entity, and then assist you with formation and compliance!

FFL and SOT Application Assistance

After forming your business entity, the next step is applying for your FFL license (and/or Special Occupational Taxpayer).

However, like many things involving the government, these applications are long and complex.

Let the team at Stone Rose Law assist you in obtaining the licenses needed to run the business of your dreams!

Compliance Consultations

Are you an existing FFL who has questions about the rules or regulations that apply?

Do you want to speak with an attorney about your compliance program and get tips and best practices?

Our team of firearms attorneys at Stone Rose Law is happy to assist you!

Defense of ATF Notices of Intent to Revoke or Suspend Licensure

As an FFL, you’re aware that the ATF can inspect your business at seemingly random times.

Unfortunately, sometimes those inspections result in unfavorable findings, which leads the ATF to seek to revoke or suspend your license to do business.

You don’t need to roll over and accept that determination! The team at Stone Rose Law has gone to mat against the ATF numerous times and will exhaustively fight to keep your business open!

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With decades of experience behind us, you can put your trust in our systems and the processes we have in place.

Don’t Wait – Our Expert Firearms Attorneys are Ready to Help

If you’ve been denied a firearms purchase, are seeking information about firearms trusts, or are an FFL facing revocation, reach out to the attorneys at Stone Rose Law.

The sooner you begin fighting your NICS denial, planning your FFL defense, or setting up your trust, the faster you can get your right to purchase a firearm restored, save your business, or protect your most valuable assets. It is crucial to act quickly to ensure your rights, business, and property is protected.

Request a free consultation today to see how the expert firearms lawyers at Stone Rose Law can help solve your problems!