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What we do for FFLs

At Stone Rose Law, we firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment as the greatest insurance policy for freedom ever conceived. Not only are we attorneys with expertise in all areas of 2nd amendment law, but we are firearms enthusiasts ourselves.

FFL licensure assistance

In order to be in the business of manufacturing, gun-smithing, or dealing firearms, a business must possess a federal firearms license or “FFL”. While on paper, the process for obtaining an FFL seems straightforward – simply filling out a license application and waiting for the required background investigations to complete, and then waiting for approval.

In practice, however, these applications are complex and difficult to fill out properly. What is even worse is that any small mistake will lead to a denial – a denial that must be reported on subsequent applications. Thus, it is imperative that the application is correct the first time to maximize the chance of success.

Here at Stone Rose Law, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the license application process in order to maximize your likelihood of success!

FFL business formation

Firearms businesses are not like other businesses. Given the number of regulations on both the State and Federal level, the type of business that is formed – a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation – is extremely important. Unlike many other types of businesses, no one type of entity fits every FFL situation.

Our experienced FFL attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through deciding which business structure is best for your situation and can assist in forming whichever corporate entity is best suited for the business – including drafting any necessary formation documents, bylaws, or other components.

ATF Advocacy and Compliance

FFLs operate under a draconian regulatory scheme that is as complicated as it is dense. Fortunately, the attorneys at Stone Rose Law are well-versed in the statutes, regulations, and ATF policies that govern almost every aspect of an FFL’s business. Whether it is for a consultation on procedures or best practices or something else, our attorneys are well-qualified and eager to assist.

Even the most studious and careful FFLs will likely have a negative inspection during their time in business. After a negative inspection, that reveals regulatory or statutory violations, the ATF may take action against a licensee – anything from a civil fine, a license suspension, or even a license revocation.

Contesting these actions requires a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer – like the expert firearms lawyers at Stone Rose Law – to contest or mitigate the violations and advocate for a favorable outcome.

Are you interested in starting a firearms business, obtaining an FFL license, or are you an FFL facing a compliance action from the ATF? Contact the dedicated expert firearms attorneys at Stone Rose Law today for a free consultation!