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Craig Rosenstein

Founder & President
Craig Rosenstein headshot

Craig Rosenstein is a well-respected Criminal Defense Attorney based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He regularly speaks at Local, State, and National criminal defense seminars primarily on the subject of Trial Advocacy, having taken over 150 cases to jury verdict. Craig is a founding member of the American Council of 2nd Amendment Lawyers, is a decades-long Board member and past President of the Arizona Association of Criminal Justice (AACJ) and is a member of numerous other criminal defense attorney organizations. Craig has been the US Law Shield contract attorney for the State of Arizona since 2016 and has been in that same capacity in New Mexico since 2020.

Craig is both an advocate and a teacher. As an advocate, he aggressively represents his clients in Court, before Boards, and in Administrative arenas and with high levels of competency. Craig takes the time to be the most informed in any room in which he represents his clients. He is also a teacher, advising clients and the public at large about their rights, obligations, responsibilities, and best practices before they make a mistake that can cost them everything. Craig does both with equal zeal.

Craig Rosenstein headshot