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The result of working with you is life-changing!
“The result of working with you is life-changing! Thank you so much for helping me recover from such a horrific episode of life. Two years ago, I never would have imagined anything like this could happen to me, and afterwards I had no idea that people could (or would) exploit such a terrible thing. Needless to say, I have a much different view of the world now (and also a much different view of defense attorneys). I am so grateful to you and everyone on your team who have advocated for me and helped me take one more (big) step towards getting my life back.”
“Mr. Kanouse has worked a few cases for me in the past several years"
Mr. Kanouse has worked a few cases for me in the past several years. The first time I hired Colby was of a D.U.I case I lost in 2005 in Pima County, Mr. Kanouse got my sentenced reduced dramatically from a 10 year flat sentence to 4 months, with 3 and a half months back time, then after I hit the yard he noticed they calculated my time wrong and even got me out early. He's worked other cases for me as well. My last case I feel is the most important, I lost trial and was sentenced to 11 years, I hired Mr. Kanouse once again I was actually in D. O. C. for about 3 years give or take, he got me back in court on an appeal and I was released immediately. Colby you are a force to be recognized your work speaks for itself, if anyone where to take the time and just look at what you've done for me!! PRICELESS!!!
“You presented our options and honest reasonable outcomes at the very first meeting."
We are very pleased to find a great result from the court regarding our son’s recent criminal case. Your counsel and your hard work were essential to our achievement of this result. Our son was charged with two serious criminal offenses and you were able to get the charges dropped and a minor offense recorded with minimal and appropriate probation. You presented our options and honest reasonable outcomes at the very first meeting. You gave us and our son great reassurance that we were in very good hands with your representation. You worked efficiently and effectively with the court, the Juvenile Probation Department and the State Prosecutors to achieve the ‘best case scenario’ which was exactly what you described at our initial consultation. Your team was excellent in keeping us updated with requirements and expectations for us. You made it easy for us to submit our documents and promptly updated us on everything we had to do and what we could expect moving forward. Thank you for helping us through this very difficult time for our family. If we were ever to find ourselves in a future situation where we need legal advice or representation, we will look to you first. I consider you our family lawyer.