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Scottsdale Bankruptcy Attorneys

Providing Innovative Solutions & Bankruptcy Debt Relief to Scottsdale Residents

Many people in the Scottsdale area continue to struggle during these tough economic.  If you have lost your job or are struggling with unanticipated medical expenses or a drastic increase in your mortgage payment, the attorneys at Stone Rose Law know that sometimes no amount of preparation or planning can prepare you for financial hardships.

If your debts are piling up so that it feels like each month you are being swallowed up by a bottomless pit of debt, the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Stone Rose Law may be able to help you take control of your financial wellbeing.  We have helped people in and around Scottsdale regain control of their finances in a variety of ways including:

  • Extinguishing credit card debt
  • Protecting their home from foreclosure
  • Stripping liens from the family home
  • Wiping out astronomical unpaid medical bills
  • Taking control of federal and state tax obligations
  • Coping with massive unpaid child support or spousal support arrearages
  • Protecting financed vehicles from repossession
  • Removing wage garnishments
  • Obtaining relief from bank levies
  • Avoiding repossession of assets such as the family vehicle
  • Discharging virtually all unsecured debt
  • Using bankruptcy for estate planning and asset protection

This is just a handful of ways that our experienced Scottsdale bankruptcy team has helped debtors in Scottsdale take control of their financial future by eliminating debt and protecting their hard-earned assets.  We believe that every client deserves personalized attention and customized financial solutions to meet their particular needs.  Our Scottsdale law firm is dedicated to providing debt relief and asset protection through effective use of the bankruptcy process designed to meet your unique situation.

Whether you are an individual, family or business, we can carefully review your assets, debts, income, and other relevant information so that we can determine the best solution for your financial problems.  The debt management solutions that offer the most protection for Scottsdale consumers are Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Each of these bankruptcy options have unique characteristics so it is important that you seek the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Scottsdale bankruptcy law firm to determine the option that is right for you.  We have provided a summary of the basic features, process and benefits of each of these chapters of the Bankruptcy Code.