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The Intersection of Technology and Personal Injury Law

Posted on April 10, 2023 in

The process of personal injury law and litigation is designed to help individuals harmed by the negligence of others recover compensation for their losses. This process has also changed significantly over time. Even though the goal remains the same, new technologies have been introduced into the legal process that can help make a case stronger.

Just like the rest of the world rapidly advances with new technologies, the legal system has adapted too, albeit more slowly. At Stone Rose Law, we understand how important it is to stay abreast of the most current technology so that we can assist individuals with their personal injury claims. This includes technology used in the courtroom as well as technology out in the world to help clients.

What Technology Has the Potential to Affect a Personal Injury Claim?

Technology has completely changed the way that all of us live our lives, whether we embrace the use of new tech or not. All around us, new technologies continue to evolve, and they have certainly made their way into personal injury claims.

For example, 15 years ago, nobody would have anticipated the impact of everyone essentially having a mobile recording device in their pocket. Now, individuals can record evidence right after an incident occurs. This can include taking photographs of the incident scene or using the video recorder to make a video of everything in the vicinity. Cameras can be used to obtain witness statements.

In addition to mobile devices, various other types of technology can make an impact in the courtroom. This includes surveillance cameras on nearby homes or businesses or recording devices inside the vehicle itself in the form of a dashcam.

Other technologies, including vehicle data recording devices, can help paint a picture of the events leading right up to a vehicle accident occurring. Vehicle recording devices are mandatory and comprehensive inside larger commercial vehicles, but even almost every smaller passenger car has some sort of data recording device that could be obtained in the event a serious collision occurs.

Technology in the Courtroom – Why it Matters

When we look to the courtroom, technology has certainly made its impact there as well. While there are still times when the courtroom looks like a traditional “courtroom proceeding” that you would see on a TV show or movie, more often now, you will find that courtrooms are filled with televisions, computers, and tablets.

Good personal injury attorneys will always find ways to but the opposing side, the judge, and the jury view and understand the facts of the case. Technology is something that everyone has gotten used to, so not using it in the courtroom is simply not an option. The use of technology in the courtroom is a way to enhance the claim for a client.

How Do You Know If Your Attorney Understands Tech?

Technology in the courtroom is an inevitability. Technology is there. Technology is all around us. You need to find a skilled personal injury lawyer who has embraced modern technology and also has a thorough understanding of how to use the technology both in and out of the courtroom.

We encourage you to reach out to a Scottsdale personal injury attorney for a free consultation and ask about how they intend to use technology to help your case.