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Why Do I Need a Phoenix Car Accident Attorney?

Posted on June 30, 2022 in

Being injured in a car accident can put the brakes on not only your plans for the day, but also your ability to work and provide for your family. When someone or something else was the cause of your car accident, you will be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. 

Proving that another party is at fault requires the application of the law and case precedent to the unique facts and circumstances of your case. Once fault is proven, you’ll need to then collect evidence in support of the damages that you are seeking, as you can only collect what you can prove. 

The process of collecting compensation for your car accident injury can be complex, and difficult to complete when you are trying to recover from your injuries. Working with a Phoenix car accident attorney from Stone Rose Law provides you with the knowledge and support you need to recover the full amount you are entitled to. 

You Must Prove Liability to Collect Damages 

To collect compensation for the damages associated with your car accident, you must prove that another party was negligent. 

Negligence is a legal term that has four parts:

  • Duty – the party must have owed you some responsibility 
  • Breach – that responsibility must have been broken 
  • Causation – the broken responsibility must have caused the accident 
  • Damages – the accident must have led to measurable and provable damages 

For example, if you are hit by a speeding or aggressive driver, they will be liable as they were negligent. Drivers have a duty to follow the rules of the road, and if they breach that duty and cause and accident that leads to damages, they will be liable. 

Collecting compensation requires the application of the law to the unique facts and circumstances of your accident. Evidence is used to do this, and your Phoenix car accident attorney will collect the evidence needed to put together the best possible case for you.

Damages Must be Claimed and Proven with Evidence 

The process of collecting the compensation you are entitled to can be complex, and must be supported by evidence. Your claim will be submitted to the insurance company, who works for profit, not for you. To make more profit they carefully scrutinize all claims that come in, looking for opportunities to deny whichever claims they can, or pay as little as possible. 

To recover damages your Phoenix car accident attorney will: 

  • Collect evidence to prove liability 
  • Gather evidence to completely and accurately measure your damages 
  • Draft a claim that incorporate the evidence 
  • Submit your claim to the insurance company 
  • Negotiate a settlement, if possible 
  • File a lawsuit against the insurance company to collect what you deserve 

Your Phoenix car accident lawyer completes the entire claims process for you, from gathering evidence through collecting full compensation on your claim. 

Connect with a Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Today 

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