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Queen Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be terrifying, particularly when you are left going up against aggressive prosecutors and a legal system with seemingly endless resources. When you need trustworthy and efficient representation, our Queen Creek criminal defense lawyer is here to help. If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with a crime, the legal team at Stone Rose Law uses our resources to investigate the case and prepare the best possible defense. We work diligently to have the charges against you dismissed or severely reduced so you can get back to daily life.

Our Firm’s Approach to Criminal Defense Cases

  • At Stone Rose Law, we believe that anyone suspected of committing a crime deserves to have skilled legal representation in court.
  • With years of experience in Arizona’s justice system, we understand how to pursue favorable results and fair treatment for our clients.
  • We put our firm’s resources to work and aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for you or your loved one.

Why Do You Need a Queen Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer?

You should not try to handle criminal charges on your own or rely on a public defender to get you through this. The criminal justice system is complex, particularly for those without a substantial legal background. One of our law firm’s skilled criminal defense lawyers will use their resources to investigate every facet of your unique case. This will include:

  • Conducting independent witness interviews
  • Reviewing bodycam footage
  • Visiting the site of the alleged crime
  • Reviewing the methods employed by the state’s investigators

In addition to reviewing the evidence in the case, your criminal attorney will be responsible for negotiating any possible plea deal if one is warranted, given the facts of the situation.

Queen Creek Criminal Defense Attorney

What To Look For in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is important to take some time to research your options before hiring a criminal defense attorney in Queen Creek, AZ. The skill of your defense lawyer can make all the difference to the outcome of your case and how criminal charges will affect your future.

Look for most or all of these traits when searching for the right criminal attorney for you:

  • At least several years of experience in the field or as a previous prosecutor.
  • A history of achieving positive results for past clients.
  • Experience handling your type of criminal case.
  • A lawyer in your city and state for local legal knowledge.
  • A lawyer who makes you feel personally comfortable.

Schedule consultations with a few different defense attorneys in your location (they are usually free). Then, discuss your case and ask any questions you might have to get to know the attorney better. Choose the Queen Creek criminal lawyer who feels like the best fit for you and your case’s unique needs.

How Much Does a Defense Attorney Cost?

As a defendant in a criminal case in Arizona, you may be facing financial strain. You need to understand the costs of hiring a defense attorney before retaining him or her as your representation. Ask about fees during your initial consultation to make sure you fully understand how the lawyer charges for his or her services.

There are two main types of fee setups:

  • Hourly rate. Most defense lawyers charge by the hour for the amount of time they must spend on the case. The hourly rate will depend on many different factors, but typically ranges from $150 to $700 per hour.
  • Flat fee. A flat fee is less common than an hourly rate since no two cases are exactly alike. If an attorney does charge a flat fee, it could range from $1,500 to $5,000 or more depending on the case.

How much a defense attorney costs depends on the law firm and the case. A complicated case that requires a criminal trial will cost more in legal fees than a simple case, since it requires more work by the attorney. Before you enter into a written contract with a criminal defense lawyer in Queen Creek, make sure you have an honest, transparent, and comprehensive understanding of how much you will pay the lawyer.

Types of Criminal Offenses We Handle

At Stone Rose Law, our Queen Creek criminal defense lawyers handle a wide range of misdemeanor, felony, and appeals cases. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Assault & battery
  • Criminal damage
  • Criminal trespassing
  • DUI
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug crimes
  • Endangerment
  • Firearm crimes
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Kidnapping
  • Probation violation
  • Order of Protection
  • Sex crimes
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • White-collar crime

The potential consequences of a guilty verdict for misdemeanor or felony offenses can include jail or prison time, significant fines, probation, as well as a permanent mark on a person’s criminal record. A guilty verdict can significantly impact a person’s ability to gain employment, find housing, attend school, and more.

Classifications of Crimes

The criminal justice system has specific terms and definitions that can significantly impact a case. One of the most important is the classification of the crime. The classification can determine what penalties the defendant might face.

Arizona classifies crimes into three different categories based on the seriousness of the crime:

  1. Petty offense. A petty offense is the least serious type of criminal charge. In Arizona, a petty offense is only punishable by a fine, not jail time. It also does not come with the right to a jury trial. Examples of petty offenses in Arizona are petty theft and unlawful possession of tobacco by a minor.
  2. Misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a step above a petty offense. In Arizona, most misdemeanors come with up to one year in jail and/or fines. Examples of misdemeanors are driving under the influence, assault causing bodily injury and shoplifting.
  3. Felony. A felony is the most serious classification of crime. The penalties for a felony can include jail or prison time or the death penalty. Felonies often involve violence, such as homicide, rape and arson.

In Arizona, a crime may also be classified as a wobbler. This means it can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or felony. With a wobbler, it is possible for a Queen Creek criminal defense attorney to negotiate the charges down to the lesser classification based on the circumstances of the case and the defendant’s criminal history.

What Is the Criminal Trial Process?

Not knowing what lies ahead of you as a criminal defendant can cause significant stress. The more you know about the criminal trial process in Arizona, the more at ease you can feel while working your way through each phase. Your criminal defense lawyer in Queen Creek can walk you through the entire legal process, providing advice and guidance along the way.

The typical criminal trial goes through the following progression:

  • Initial appearance and arraignment hearing. After your arrest, you will make an initial appearance for a judge to determine the conditions of your release. Then, you will attend an arraignment hearing, where you will receive the charges against you and enter a plea.
  • Jury selection. Your defense attorney and the lawyer for the prosecution will ask a panel of potential jurors a series of questions to narrow down a selection of 12 to act as the jury for your trial.
  • Opening statements. Both attorneys will give opening statements, where they will summarize their arguments and explain what they plan on establishing during the trial.
  • Evidence and witnesses. Both parties will present evidence and question witnesses on the stand to help prove their side of the case. The prosecutor’s goal will be to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Closing arguments. After all the evidence has been seen, the attorneys will give closing statements. They will repeat key points of the trial and urge the jury to rule a certain way.
  • Verdict. The jury will receive its instructions from the judge and enter into deliberation. All 12 jurors must agree on whether to rule the defendant guilty or not guilty based on the evidence presented.

Depending on the case, the verdict may be followed by post-trial motions. For example, your Queen Creek defense attorney may be able to file a motion of acquittal or motion for a new trial on your behalf, or else file an appeal of the jury’s decision.

Defenses to Criminal Charges in Arizona

The right defense against criminal charges could save you from the most severe penalties possible. It could reduce the charges against you, for example, or have the case dismissed entirely. A good defense is based on the specific facts of the case and the defendant’s unique history.

Some of the most common defenses to criminal charges in Arizona include:

  • Wrong defendant
  • Alibi
  • No crime was committed
  • No intent to commit a crime
  • Abandonment and withdrawal
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Missed statute of limitations
  • Police misconduct or civil rights violations
  • Entrapment
  • Self-defense, necessity, or another justification
  • Coercion or duress
  • Intoxication
  • Mental incapacity or insanity

Every criminal defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Your criminal defense lawyer in Queen Creek can carefully review the facts of your case to build the right defense strategy for you. Your criminal attorney will frame your defense based on what will give you the best odds of a positive outcome. Discuss potential defenses for your particular case by consulting with a lawyer.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Queen Creek

Does Arizona Have a Criminal Statute of Limitations?

A statute of limitations is a law that places a time limit on the right to file a court case. In Arizona, there are criminal and civil statutes of limitations. In criminal law, the statute of limitations places a deadline on the prosecution’s right to file criminal charges against a suspect. These deadlines vary based on the type of crime:

  • Murder or violent sexual assault: no statute of limitations.
  • Sexual exploitation of a child: no statute of limitations.
  • Most other felonies: seven years.
  • Misdemeanors: one year.
  • Petty offenses: six months.

The statute of limitations is generally tolled (paused) if the defendant leaves the state or his or her identity is not known. If the statute of limitations has passed, a prosecutor generally does not have the ability to press criminal charges against a defendant. If you are unsure whether or not the statute of limitations has passed in your particular case, speak to a Queen Creek criminal defense attorney at Stone Rose Law.

What To Do After an Arrest in Arizona

If you are arrested in Arizona, the arresting police officer must read your Miranda Rights. Listen to these rights, as they can help you protect yourself. For example, use the right to remain silent and do not answer any questions asked by police officers during interrogations. The only question you are legally required to answer is if you are asked your name. Wait until you have an attorney present to answer any other questions.

After you have been booked at the local police station, you will be given one phone call. Call a trusted friend or family member and ask him or her to contact a defense lawyer for you, or else call a defense attorney in Queen Creek directly at (480) 498-8998. Your lawyer can immediately go to work on your case, building a strong defense from the very beginning and letting you know what to do next. A lawyer will protect your legal rights after an arrest.

Don’t Wait, Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Queen Creek

If you or somebody you care about has been arrested and charged with a crime in Queen Creek, AZ, turned to Stone Rose Law for help with your case today. Our team performs a meticulous investigation of your case to formulate a solid defense on your behalf. We have vast experience handling complex criminal defense cases, and we are ready to stand by your side. Our job is to stand up to aggressive prosecutors and law enforcement officials on your behalf and represent you through every aspect of the criminal court process. When you need a top Queen Creek criminal attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by calling (480) 498-8998.